Bicycle and Shin Lim make some magic together in this beautiful, co-designed deck. Bicycle Shin Lim is a playable deck of cards, with a faded 10 of hearts that will help enthusiasts perform a trick that Shin Lim will teach you how to do!

QR code inside will direct consumers to a private video where Shin will reveal his secrets step by step so that they can perform a magic trick for friends and family.


- Exclusive content only accessed inside the deck.

- Extra faded 10 of hearts card to enable the special trick.

- Tuck case features Red and Silver foil with embossed accents.

- Custom card back design featuring a spade design and Shin Lim’s logo.

Deck is completely playable!

Perfect for socializers who want to share a trick with their friends, Aspiring Magicians, Collectors, Fans of Shin Lim and America’s Got Talent.

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Bicycle Shin Lim

  • Hersteller: Bicycle
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  • €13.95

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